'Aliens: Colonial Marines' Improves Alien 3; Plus Wii U & Multiplayer Details

Aliens Colonial Marines Fixes Alien 3

After a long hiatus, Gearbox Software was finally able to showcase Aliens: Colonial Marines to the public. Ever since the reveal, we've heard some very intriguing things about the game, but nothing that compares to what was revealed today: the game actually improves Alien 3.

Alien 3 is a bit of a strange film in the series canon. It's a good film but not as great as the original or Aliens, though it does get a bad rap from some fans. Gearbox head Randy Pitchford revealed to Joystiq that Aliens: Colonial Marines will actually fix up some of the canonical inconsistencies created by Alien 3, which we assume means that the game will answer many questions fans have from the film.

With Gearbox patching the holes between Aliens and Alien 3, we wonder if they can fix up Alien Resurrection as well. No? Okay.

"After this game, Alien 3 is a better film. I think [Alien 3] is a great film, but I think that when we came off of Aliens, some of us wanted something different. Also, there were some weird things that we didn't quite make sense of. Inconsistencies with the canon that were created. And it turns out that they're not inconsistencies — there are reasons for things. And we get to be the ones that get to connect all that up and make it clear [...] The fact that we can do it in video game form is just amazing."

This is great news for those in love with the Alien universe and care about story in their shooters. Gearbox's Randy Pitchford feels Colonial Marines is a game for the fans, and it really shows considering how much work they're putting into it.

New information has also been released regarding the game's multiplayer, where players will be able to take on the role of either marines or xenomorphs, almost like Alien vs. Predator - though presumably more polished. Players will need to stick together in this game. Marines aren't overpowered juggernauts, and xenos have their flaws as well. Up close, the creatures have the advantage, yet they're much more vulnerable at a distance. Xenomorphs can also walk the walls and attack from vents, adding another layer of depth to the multiplayer.

How will it all work for those playing on the Wii U? Well, they might just get the best experience. Speaking to CVG, Pitchford discussed the advantages the Wii U and its tablet controller bring to the game - such as how it can be used to replicate the motion tracker from Aliens. Most interestingly however, is that the game may end up looking the best on Nintendo's console, which is great contrary news to some rumors saying the Wii U is weaker than the PS3 and Xbox 360.

"I think that's a compelling experience. I think the machine itself will be one of the best looking versions of the game, because they've got more RAM than some of the other things and they're late in the cycle, so they've got this really great processor and all that kind of stuff."

Not only should Wii U players be excited about this news, but it also adds a little tidbit of info for the mysterious new system. Looking at Pitchford's quote, it's clear that Nintendo's console already has more RAM than the Xbox 360 and PS3. Does this mean the Wii U really isn't as "weak" as some "sources" claim? It's hard to tell and after all, we still don't know anything about the Wii U's CPU or GPU, but the extra RAM should at least come in handy when Nintendo adds new features to the Nintendo Network.

Aliens: Colonial Marines is due out this Fall for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. The Wii U version does not have an estimated release date.


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