Leaked ‘Alien: Isolation’ Screenshots Show Familiar Environments & Tech

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Alien fans are well aware that the legendary series has a rocky past when it comes to the games industry, but that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been genuinely great games developed as well. Months ago, a trademark for the title Alien: Isolation became noticed by online watchdogs, making it apparent that the Creative Assembly development studio was busy cooking something up.

News has been slow to trickle out about the game, but the naming of the title as ‘Alien’ as opposed to ‘Aliens’ is in itself a good indication that the game will follow more closely to the idea behind the original movie. Thanks to some unknown sleuths, four new screenshots for Alien: Isolation have come to light, showing iconic items like the series-staple motion tracker and fantastically retro-looking command consoles.

For those who are familiar with the characters of the movie, Alien: Isolation will supposedly follow the story of Amanda Ripley, daughter of the famed protagonist Ellen Ripley. Sigourney Weaver’s character left massive shoes to fill, so if this rumor turns out to be true, Creative Assembly has much work to do in regards to creating a strong female lead.

Amanda briefly appeared as a plot point in the movie Aliens, when Ellen discovered she’d been cryogenically frozen long enough that her baby daughter had grown up and passed away at the age of 66, a few years before Ellen was found and brought back. Of course, that’s if you believe the word of the Weyland-Yutani Corporation – though changing the canon of the entire series might be a bold step, even for Sega.

The screenshot leak began circulating around Twitter last night from a variety of unofficial sources. The screenshots mostly show the environments for the game, meaning they were likely meant for planning and development usage and not for any kind of promotional material – that said, fans of the Alien brand are likely going to be excited anyway. Here’s the four screenshots for those interested:

The screenshots certainly give off a nostalgic vibe for those who have watched the first movie, with lots of bright buttons and old beige consoles. While it’s obvious the game won’t be set on the USS Nostromo like the original movie was, the base idea of Isolation might be the same: one last survivor, isolated and trying to escape an infected ship. If Amanda had gone searching for her Mom believing there was something more to the explosion of the Nostromo, it could explain how she might end up in such a dangerous predicament.

Instead of a straightforward first-person shooter like the ill-fated Aliens: Colonial Marines, Isolation will also implement a fair amount of stealth and horror element into the gameplay. If players fill the role of Amanda Ripley, it’s likely they’ll have to use plenty of sneaking to get past the hostile xenomorphs which fans have come to love and fear.

Neither Creative Assembly or Sega have revealed which systems the game is coming out on, but next generation consoles and PC are a safe bet.

What do you think, Ranters? Are you interested in a new Alien game, or has Colonial Marines scarred you for life?

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