‘Alien: Isolation’ Releases October 7th for Current and Last-Gen

By | 3 years ago 

After the utter disaster that was Aliens: Colonial Marines (read our review), we wouldn’t have been surprised if fans were a little gun shy about another foray into that universe. And yet, fans seem more than receptive to Alien: Isolation, a new title from Creative Assembly that seeks to succeed where Colonial Marines failed.

What makes Alien: Isolation so unique is its approach. Much like the Alien films, Isolation keeps things intimate, putting players up against a single xenomorph. There’s no endless horde and there’s little room for error as a result. What’s more, the title reportedly has some deep ties to those Alien films with a story that follows Ellen Ripley’s daughter Amanda.

Needless to say, Alien: Isolation has a lot of promise, and could be one of the titles to keep an eye on. Speaking of, SEGA has just announced a release date for Alien: Isolation — the title will hit the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC on October 7th of this year.

The announcement itself featured little fanfare, just a simple date and some confirmed platforms. That being said, the developers at Creative Assembly have already done a great job of asserting how their game breaks from the pre-established Alien mold.

For starters, Alien: Isolation (as was mentioned) will use a single xenomorph as a key enemy. But while this single xenomorph might seem like a breeze compared to past games, Creative Assembly has apparently taken great strides to ensure she is a formidable foe. In fact, if Creative Assembly has done their job, the xenomorph should feel like a sentient opponent.

Granted, getting to that point was a challenge, but if Creative Assembly succeeds they could have a huge hit on their hands. Alien fans appear to be a fairly loyal bunch and are willing to look past flawed products like Colonial Marines anytime a potentially exciting new title appears. Alien: Isolation looks to be that exciting title developed specifically for the die-hard fans, and it’s not that far off either.

Now that there is a release date, has your excitement for Alien: Isolation grown? What are your hopes for the title?

Alien: Isolation releases October 7, 2014 for the PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.