‘Alien: Isolation’ and ‘Game of Thrones’ Coming to Valve’s Virtual Reality Headset?

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The Oculus Rift might’ve started the current virtual reality craze, with a $2.4 million Kickstarter campaign that sparked the imaginations of developers and fans alike – and caught the attention of Facebook, who bought Oculus for $2.3 billion in 2014 – but it’s not the only game in town. Sony’s hoping to transform the PlayStation 4’s massive install base into an army of VR headset wearing gamers with Project Morpheus. Meanwhile, Valve and HTC teamed up and created the Vive, which is poised to get a jump on the competition by coming out first; Valve estimates that the Vive will be available to consumers in late 2015.

Among those who have tried all three devices, the Vive, with its dual 1200 by 1080 displays and superior motion tracking abilities, seems to be a narrow favorite. But impressive hardware is useless without good software to back it up; thankfully for Valve, it looks like the Vive might have an edge there, too. Recently, some fans on Reddit discovered hidden images on the Steam VR website that seem to list pieces of software currently in development for Valve’s upcoming device.

The list of upcoming games includes a few titles that Valve’s already showed off: Owlchemy’s Job Simulator, Vertigo Games’ Skyworld, Wemo Labs’ The Blu, and The Gallery by Cloudhead Games. However, there are a number of new games on the list, too. Real-time strategy game Company of Heroes 2, originally released in 2013, is on its way to the Vive, as is Surgeon Simulator, Bossa Studios’ comedic simulation game, and Alien: Isolation, last year’s critically acclaimed horror title.

Virtual Reality Alien Isolation

Alien: Isolation made headlines in 2014 for recreating Ridley Scott’s 1979 sci-fi classic in immersive – and terrifying – detail; with its dark, claustrophobic hallways and high-tension gameplay, the game seems like a perfect candidate for virtual reality. Developer Creative Assembly clearly agrees: Alien: Isolation shipped with unofficial Oculus Rift support, although the mode is only available through a couple of simple, unsupported mods.

The biggest mystery on the list of Vive titles is Game of Thrones by HBO. Basically, Game of Thrones is listed, but nobody’s sure what that means. Previously, HBO used the Oculus Rift to let users visit The Wall, Game of Thrones’ gigantic icy fortress. This could be a port of that demo; it could also be a new game, VR-augmented episodes of the show, or something entirely new.

The complete list of uncovered Vive titles is:

  • Robot Repair Human Diversity Outreach Program – Valve
  • Game of Thrones – HBO
  • Google Earth – Google
  • Company of Heroes 2 – Relic
  • Secret Shop – Valve
  • Job Simulator: The 2050 Archive – Owlchemy
  • Quar VR – Steel Wool Games
  • Alien: Isolation – Creative Assembly
  • Step into Remarkable – HTC
  • Longbow – Valve
  • The Blu: Encounter – Wemo Labs
  • Surgeon Simulator: Alien Invasion Super VR 64 – Bossa
  • Skyworld – Vertigo Games
  • Tilt Brush – Skillman & Hackett
  • The Room Archives – Fireproof Games
  • The Gallery – Cloudhead Games

Source: Reddit