'Alien: Isolation' Dev Working on 'Multi-Platform AAA Blockbuster'

Creative Assembly Working on New Triple A Game

Creative Assembly,  the developer behind Alien: Isolation as well as the highly successful Total War real-time strategy series, is looking to capitalize on the success of that franchise with either a sequel or an all-new IP with a multiplayer component.  The news has set gamers abuzz with speculation about what it could be.

Creative Assembly recently posted a new job listing for an online/multiplayer programmer with "thorough experience developing a range of online features" for a new "multi-platform AAA blockbuster."  There is a second listing with a similar description for a graphics/engine programmer to work "at the cutting edge of interactive graphics technology." While the listings themselves are not that unusual, the fact they specify a new AAA title on current-gen is sure to fire off a healthy round of speculation regarding what Creative Assembly has in mind.

Alien: Isolation lead designer Greg Napper has made no secret of the fact that a sequel to their entry in the Alien franchise is discussed almost daily. He has also noted that the writers already have concepts in place for a game that continues the story of Amanda Ripley, but he doesn't want it to stray into an action-oriented game in the vein of Aliens.

All the same, Creative Assembly has not turned their focus away from Alien: Isolation just yet. They just released two new updates for Alien: Isolation that introduced the new "Nightmare" and "Novice" difficulty modes to the game, for example.

Alien Isolation DLC Corporate Lockdown

Given Napper's comments and continued support for Alien: Isolation, the possibility of a sequel cannot be discounted at this time, but it would be interesting to see how they graft a multiplayer component to its survival-horror base.  Could this new game be a team-based multiplayer similar to Dead Space 2, or could it be something more similar to Evolve, with crew members hunting a player-controlled xenomorph?

One other, non-Alien possibility is that Creative is working on the first multi-platform entry in the Total War series.  If so, it would mark the first time Total War has been on consoles, but like the other possibilities mentioned above, that is nothing more than speculation. Moreover, the job posting hints that this new position is not with the Total War team.

If one works solely from the wording of the job descriptions, the terms "new" and "another" paired with "multi-platform AAA blockbuster" could indicate a completely new IP altogether.  Until Creative Assembly decides to share more details, speculation is all that can be offered.

Source: Creative Assembly

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