Fox Confirms More Alien Games are Coming

After much speculation about a forthcoming announcement for an Alien: Isolation sequel, Alien: Blackout was revealed for mobile devices. While the response has not been as overwhelming as the backlash of Diablo Immortal, another fan-loved franchise turned mobile, it has not been altogether positive either. It's worth mentioning that in response to the negativity received by Fox, the company has made two official statements. Firstly, Blackout is not a direct sequel to Isolation, as many presumed, and that more Alien games are in the works.

This move is oddly reminiscent of Blizzard following the Diablo Immortal backlash, wherein the developer stated that other Diablo games were being developed. Whether the aforementioned information manages to turn the tide concerning PR for Alien: Blackout remains to be seen, but it is apparent enough that beloved franchises turned mobile is something gamers from all walks of life are not excited to witness.

One reason many naturally presumed that Alien: Blackout was a sequel to Isolation, was the shared protagonist Amanda Ripley, who is the daughter of the Alien film series protagonist, Ellen Ripley. It now seems Amanda's story is not over and will be present in new games and content released throughout 2019. For example, FoxNext revealed in a press release that its game studio, Cold Iron Studios, is hard at work on a MMO shooter set in the Alien universe, but an MMO suggests that this game will not be a direct sequel to Isolation either.

Furthermore, FoxNext encouraged its fans to keep "watching, playing, and reading [Amanda's] story", as even more comes in 2019. The company also took the time to encourage fans of the franchise to download Alien: Blackout when it comes to mobile devices later this month.

For many, the Diablo Immortal backlash was one of the biggest news stories of 2018, as gamers the world over came together to share their distaste for this trend in mobile games. In fact, various responses of the rallying cry "Do you guys not have phones?" and "game over" have been made in correlation with Alien: Blackout. That said, 2019 will hopefully be a good year for the Alien franchise, regardless.

Alien: Blackout will launch on mobile devices sometime in the near future.

Source: FoxNext Press Release

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