PS4 Fans Make Awesome Custom Alien Controller

alien ps4 controller paint job

When it comes popular culture icons, the xenomorph from the Alien series of films is certainly one of the most recognizable from the realms of horror and science fiction. Now, those who are familiar with the franchise or with the monster itself can take a glimpse at what it would look like if a PS4 controller received a terrifying, H. R. Giger-inspired makeover.

This controller, however, is not some kind of run-of-the-mill design available as a consumer product. Instead, it's a painstakingly-created custom controller, built and painted by XQGaming and Berta respectively, and the final product is certainly a striking one.

For starters, the controller is dominated by a huge xenomorph head, while the alien's arms reach down both sides of the controller itself. To top it all off, the controller glows green, making it seem very much like a part of the Alien universe. Those interested in an overview of the controller in question can have a look at the YouTube clip below, which shows off Berta's impressive paint job, or head over to another YouTube video for a more in-depth breakdown of how it was made.

The Alien series has long been a part of the video game world, inspiring such classics of the medium as Metroid, Dead Space, and Contra, while the franchise has also seen a number of adaptations over the years. Of course, as we recently covered, Alien games can be great or awful, from the terrifying highs of Alien: Isolation through to the lows of Aliens: Colonial Marines.

It's always great to see video game fans making their own custom controllers, as it just shows off the ingenuity of some of those within the gaming community. Recently, a designer took a shot at creating a bloody custom controller inspired by Resident Evil 7, while another gamer took it to the next level by creating a working device out of an old Game Boy-themed Burger King toy.

Now, all that's left to do is wait for a new Alien game to arrive worthy of being played with the controller itself. Unfortunately, it seems as though it's unlikely to be Alien: Isolation 2, but hopefully something else as good will come along.

Source: YouTube

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