Alien Breed: Impact Now Available on Steam

Team 17 fans rejoice, because Alien Breed: Impact is now available on Steam. Alien Breed: Impact was announced a couple of weeks ago, and promised to build on the first installment that released on the Xbox 360 late last year. The game is a top-down shooter that takes place in space and features some nice graphics, cool weapons, and some pretty crazy looking alien monsters.

The game features 2-player co-op so that you and a friend can team up and try to survive the alien onslaught. Gamers who own the game on Xbox 360 may have reason to invest in re-purchasing the game via Steam because it has some brand new features. You now have access to the "Upgrades Shop."  This will allow you to "search fallen comrades and lockers to accumulate cash, and then tactically spend it on weapons/kit upgrades," which is not a bad deal if you ask us. There are also re-imagined and improved alien breeds to wage war against.

You can check out the trailer for Alien Breed: Impact right after the break:


If you are still uncertain about Alien Breed: Impact for your PC, then you can download the trial on Steam right now in order to finalize your decision. Alien Breed: Impact is now available on Steam for $14.99, and will also be available for the PlayStation 3 later this Summer.

Are you pumped for this game? Will you be picking up Alien Breed: Impact on Steam?

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