While playing a preview of Quantum Break, gaming website Polygon discovers a TV that plays a live-action trailer for the rumored Alan Wake’s Return project.

After five long years in development, Remedy Entertainment is finally gearing up to launch Quantum Break on PC and Xbox One. And as it turns out, the company may already be planning their next lengthy gaming venture, as Quantum Break reportedly contains a direct reference to the long-rumored sequel to Alan Wake.

According to Polygon, an early section of Quantum Break contains a TV that players can interact with, not unlike the TV sets found in Remedy’s previous titles. This particular television plays a live action trailer for Alan Wake’s Return, but not enough information is available at this time to determine exactly what Alan Wake’s Return is.

When one considers that Quantum Break has a companion TV show, it seems like a distinct possibility that Alan Wake’s Return could be a television adaptation of the game. The live action footage of it found in Quantum Break certainly suggests this, though another possibility is that Alan Wake’s Return will be a video game, yet have a companion TV show similar to the one in Quantum Break.

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Unfortunately, further details on the trailer remain scarce. We don’t know, for instance, if the trailer features any celebrities, like the ones featured in Quantum Break‘s cast, or if it is comprised of unknown actors. We also are unsure if it is meant to be a simple Easter Egg for fans to enjoy, or if it is a genuine reference to what Remedy Entertainment plans on working on next.

It is worth noting that Remedy recently filed a trademark for Alan Wake’s Return. If the live action trailer found in Quantum Break is just meant to be inconsequential fan service, it seems unlikely that Remedy would go through the trouble of trademarking the name. Having said that, game companies sometimes file trademarks that never end up being used, so even though there is mounting evidence in favor of an Alan Wake sequel, fans shouldn’t get their hopes up too high just yet.

At any rate, recent Quantum Break previews of the early parts of the game from a number of publications have been overwhelmingly positive. Fans of Remedy’s previous work should be in for a treat when it releases next month if the rest of the experience lives up to the beginning, and they should also be interested in seeing for themselves what is possibly a teaser for a full-fledged Alan Wake 2.

Would you play a sequel to Alan Wake? Does the potential for more Alan Wake’s Return references in Quantum Break make you want to buy the game? Leave us your thoughts on Alan Wake and Quantum Break in the comments.

Quantum Break will be available April 5th for PC and Xbox One.

Source: Polygon (via GameSpot)