Remedy Entertainment clears the air to say an Alan Wake sequel isn’t in the works, as its trademark application for Alan Wake’s Return isn’t the title of a new game.

According to Kotaku, an Alan Wake sequel under the moniker Alan Wake’s Return is officially not happening right now as a fresh installment for the franchise. When the outlet spoke with Remedy Entertainment’s creative director Sam Lake on the matter, he confirmed that the name in question is simply a television program within the live-action show for the developer’s forthcoming project Quantum Break, which features mini-episodes and stars Lake himself.

For those unaware of the situation, fans of Alan Wake were excited about the possibility of an official follow-up for the survival-horror release, for about a week ago, the game’s creators had used the title Alan Wake’s Return in a trademark application. Those anticipating a sequel pointed to Remedy Entertainment’s snagging of the rights to the game’s Bright Falls web series as an indication that the studio could be in the early stages of development for another title for the franchise.

Just a few days later, a live-action teaser trailer in Quantum Break was discovered by the gaming website Polygon during a preview that showed the upcoming time-bending third-person shooter playing what was then presumed to be a video depicting a new game with Alan Wake’s Return. Unfortunately, though, all of those details have now been debunked by Sam Lake, but that doesn’t mean fans of the survival-horror title should lose hope for another entry, as Remedy’s creative director said that it’s still a possibility. Regarding the whole issue, Lake said:

“A big part of the trademarking process all in all is the legalities of it. Just making sure everything is covered. . . . it’s a different process of making sure everything is locked down. So, [there’s] no real news about anything future Alan Wake-related.

“Other than that, we are exploring possibilities and concepting [sic] different things, but lots needs to click into place for anything to happen. We will be the first to talk about it when there is something definite to talk about.”


As many gaming fans are probably aware, the prospect of a new Alan Wake title has been talked about voluminously in the past. In fact, the discussion’s been going on ever since the unofficial DLC follow-up Alan Wake’s American Nightmare released, for several years ago, Remedy explained the game would return when the time was right.

While another Alan Wake release isn’t happening just yet, fans will at least get to experience Remedy’s long-awaited Quantum Break soon enough, as it just went gold last month. Plus, considering it’s been in development for almost three whole years, the studio is probably not in a hurry to immediately dive into another project without some planning first.

What do you think about the news involving Alan Wake’s Return being apart of Quantum Break‘s live-action show? Are you disappointed, or does it only fuel further anticipation for a sequel to what many consider to be one of the best modern horror games of the last 10 years? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Although no new Alan Wake game is on the way, its rhyming counterpart in Quantum Break is set to release on April 5, 2016 for PC and Xbox One.

Source: Kotaku UK