The Light Shines on New 'Alan Wake's American Nightmare' Screenshots

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The Alan Wake franchise has been generating a lot of news this past month, the most recent coming in the form of a developer diary for Alan Wake’s American Nightmare that gives fans a new understanding of what the developer’s goal for the game was. Today we have some new screenshots the whet gamers appetites prior to the game's release later this month.

This may not be Alan Wake 2, but the team over at Remedy Entertainment wants gamers to know that American Nightmare is every bit as good as a full retail release. Last month we had two gameplay videos from CES 2012, which showed off how well the game looks compared to the original Alan Wake.

American Nightmare may have the graphics and technology upgrades of a sequel but it was also revealed last month that the game length of the game is only half that of full retail games of this type. The game clocks in at about 4-5 hours, which is understandable for a download-only title.

Given how awesome the gameplay footage is from what we've seen so far of this game, the length of its main story will probably become irrelevant once it's released as part of the XBLA House Party 2012 later this month.

Check out the Alan Wake’s American Nightmare screenshots below:

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Not only is the Alan Wake series generating a lot of buzz these past few weeks for releasing an new story, but for non-console gamers, the PC version of the original Alan Wake is due out February 16th on Steam. This is the chance for those who don't own an Xbox 360 to see what this series is all about on the most powerful gaming platform available. It's almost as if Remedy is preparing fans for the possible arrival of Alan Wake 2... Be sure to keep your eyes here for that announcement.

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare launches as part of the XBLA House Party 2012 on February 22, 2012.-

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