Written by guest contributor Jason Epstein.

While fans didn’t quite get the full retail sequel to Alan Wake they were hoping for this year, they did get new stories via Alan Wake’s American Nightmare for Xbox Live Arcade. The original Alan Wake finally hit PC earlier this month but the wait for American Nightmare to make the platform switch, won’t be nearly as long.

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare (released on Xbox Live Arcade in February 2012) will soon give PC gamers a chance to experience its take on the survival-horror genre.  It will be available via Steam’s download service sometime in the near future, though the release date has not yet been confirmed.

The info comes from DSOGaming who spotted the game listed in Valve’s Steam PC registry. While it’s not an official announcement from Remedy Entertainment, this is exactly how Alan Wake for PC was first outed as well.

The original Alan Wake, released in May 2010 for the Xbox 360 achieved critical and commercial success with over 2 million units sold and positive reviews including Game Rant’s.  It has since produced two DLC episodes, the XBLA release of Alan Wake’s American Nightmare and confirmation of a proper sequel by Finnish game developer and Max Payne creator, Remedy Entertainment.  Currently, there are no plans to release the episodic XBLA DLCs “The Signal” and “The Writer” for the PC.

This is another interesting development for the series, considering the original game’s oft-plagued development cycle. Alan Wake was first announced at E3 2005, went on to endure numerous delays and then a cancellation of the PC version in February 2010, just two months before it went gold. It’s possible that the success of the series’ staggered PC releases will lend more weight to the argument for a first-day release of PC versions of future Alan Wake games.

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, an indirect, stand-alone successor to the original, was the top-selling XBLA game during its first week of release and garnered largely positive reviews. In the title, Mr. Wake, accompanied by the narration of an episode of Night Springs (The Twilight Zone-esque radio show from the original game) sets out to another rural town to hunt down the forces of darkness in an attempt to save his wife Alice.  Check out Game Rant’s review of Alan Wake’s American Nightmare here.

Source: DSOGaming