New 'Alan Wake' XBLA Teaser Emerges from the Shadows

Alan Wake XBLA

In just over 24 hours, gamers everywhere will be tuning into the Spike Video Game Awards. Some of them will be watching to see if their favorite game this year cleans up during the awards, and many others will be watching just to see some of the exclusive game reveals that have been hyped for the event.

The new Alan Wake downloadable XBLA game is one of the titles that will be revealed tomorrow, but just in case you forgot about it in the wake of other massive incoming announcements, Remedy Entertainment has posted a new 20 second teaser trailer on the official Alan Wake Facebook page.

The trailer itself really doesn't reveal that much. In fact, it doesn't really touch on anything — nor does it feature gameplay in any form (unlike the previous Alan Wake XBLA trailer). Instead, the teaser focuses on a note that contains what may very well be the main premise that the new Alan Wake game will be based on. It may not be much to go on at the moment, but it should be enough to garner the attention of gamers until the real reveal tomorrow.

For now, the Alan Wake XBLA teaser trailer can only be viewed on Facebook. The full text from the trailer -- which is really all there is -- is reprinted below.

"I'm going to tell you a secret.

There are places in our world where fiction and dreams can come true, powered by the dark energies leaking from beyond.

These places are a battlefield in a war between the powers of light and darkness."

Sounds like Alan Wake to us, and fans are no doubt looking for some more solid information tomorrow, so the Spike Video Game Awards really can't come soon enough. There are plenty of other exclusive reveals scheduled to happen tomorrow night (i.e. Epic Games' new I.P. and BioWare's Command and Conquer), so stay tuned to Game Rant for details on each of the big reveals as they happen tomorrow night.


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