'Alan Wake' Series to Continue After 'American Nightmare'

Alan Wake Series to Continue

When Alan Wake flew relatively under the radar in 2010, many assumed that this cult hit genre story was doomed never to continue. Sure, there were two DLC episodes meant to wrap up key plot points, but a lot of that central mystery was still floating in the air.

Then, like a shining beacon of light, Remedy Entertainment announced they were taking Alan Wake to the XBLA with Alan Wake's American Nightmare, and fans got their wish. But now that Alan Wake will have two titles under his belt by month's end, the question remains whether or not Remedy wants to continue working on the franchise past this second iteration.

As it turns out, if Remedy had it their way they would like to roll out another Alan Wake after American Nightmare, and have even put some plans in place to do so. Unfortunately they are unwilling to comment on what they have cooking just yet. It all depends on the crowd response to Alan Wake's American Nightmare; that will dictate Remedy's next move.

But even if it will take the sales of Alan Wake's American Nightmare, and the forthcoming PC release of Alan Wake, to cement whether or not an Alan Wake 2 happens, that doesn't mean Remedy doesn't have some ideas floating around. Talking at DICE 2012, Matias Myllyrinne, CEO of Remedy Entertainment shared more.

"If it bombs [laughs], then that's certainly a signal, but we're fairly confident that it'll do well. We'll certainly continue with Wake. Right now we're focusing on getting the PC out next week, then getting American Nightmare out. And it's too early to talk about what our next move is, but we've obviously put things into motion."

It almost feels like déjà vu for Remedy Entertainment, having a cult shooter hit starring a singular male protagonist, but in this case it doesn't seem like the Max Payne scenario will play out. Alan Wake has a significant amount of buzz surrounding it, and now with the advent of the downloadable marketplace Remedy has another venue with which to put out games.

We'll have a better idea of Alan Wake's future when American Nightmare and the PC port of Alan Wake release later this month.

After American Nightmare, would you like to see more Alan Wake titles from Remedy? Do you think that Alan Wake 2 should be a full retail release or a downloadable title?

Source: Joystiq

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