'Alan Wake' Sells 2 Million Copies; PC Version Available at Retail April 3rd

Alan Wake Sells 2 Million and PC Retail Release

The Alan Wake franchise has been on a roll these past couple months. Alan Wake's American Nightmare hit XBLA last month, and was received fairly well. See our full review for more. Also the PC version of Alan Wake launched on Steam last month bringing the series to those who don't own an Xbox 360. It was confirmed by Remedy that the recent release on Steam increased the sales of Alan Wake to 2 million copies sold (between the PC and Xbox 360).

These impressive sales numbers have increased the confidence of fans that there will be an Alan Wake 2. There's also potential for American Nightmare to make its way to PC users, however fans of the series are probably more excited for a major sequel to Alan Wake.

In a recent interview with CVG, Remedy's head of franchise development, Oskari Häkkinen, stated that the series has become a "cult classic" and that its sales are due to the experience players had with the game's narrative.

"Alan Wake's like a cult classic if you like... People who have played and enjoyed the story feel the urge to tell their friends and other gamers out there that they need to try this experience, they need to play it."

The release of American Nightmare right after the PC launch probably had a bunch of gamers – who never experienced Alan Wake – talking and asking their friends who have played the game about their feelings. No doubt a smart move by Remedy Entertainment.

More good news is that Alan Wake will now be reaching a wider PC audience. Those who are stuck with less-than-stellar internet service will be able to purchase the PC version at retail locations in North America starting April 3rd.

This retail release will contain the same two DLC packs as the Steam version - The Writer and The Signal will be included; however, there is no word on pricing. Considering the Steam version is 29.99, it stands to reason that the retail version will be around the same price point.

Will you pick up Alan Wake for PC when it launches in retail stores in April?

Alan Wake's American Nightmare is available now on XBLA. Alan Wake is available now on Steam and will be available at retail on April 3, 2012.


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Source: CVG, Alan

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