Alan Wake fans find a trademark application seemingly filed by series creators Remedy Entertainment, adding further evidence to the idea that a sequel is in the works.

For the moment, Remedy Entertainment is putting the finishing touches on its much-hyped, time-bending third-person shooter Quantum Break. However, new information regarding a trademark filed by the studio suggest that its next project after that game’s release will be a return to the world of Alan Wake.

A trademark for Alan Wake’s Return was spotted earlier this week, having been filed on Tuesday, February 23, according to a report from Videogamer. While the application looks legitimate, it is possible that a hoaxer could have made the request — although there’s nothing in particular that would suggest that is the case.

The trademark covers video games, notably including multiplayer components, as well as television features. These elements may be included in the application to cover all possibilities, or they might suggest that the prospective sequel to Alan Wake will broaden its horizons significantly.

Released in 2010, the original Alan Wake has since become something of a cult class thanks to its strong setting and unusual premise. The game casts players as the titular novelist, who finds himself plagued by elements of his novels brought to life as he attempts to enjoy a peaceful vacation.

The original game is set to be offered as a pre-order bonus alongside the upcoming release of Quantum Break, joining the backward compatibility list much like Fallout 3 and Gears of War did when their sequels released. The fact that Remedy and Microsoft are making some attempt to reintroduce the series to gamers adds extra credence to the idea of a sequel being in the works.

Quantum Break

A screen showing gameplay from Quantum Break.

According to the game’s writer-director Sam Lake, the proposed Alan Wake 2 was actually prototyped, but eventually put on the back burner in favor of Quantum Break. However, that doesn’t mean that the franchise isn’t a top priority for the studio.

Indeed, Lake has since stated explicitly that Remedy hopes to use lessons learned during the development of Quantum Break to help improve any eventual Alan Wake sequel. It’s worth noting that the studio owns the latter IP, so there’s no confirmation that the game would have to be an Xbox One exclusive.

The sequel to Alan Wake remains a rumour, but it’s one that’s steadily gathering momentum. Once Quantum Break has been released, we’ll perhaps hear something more concrete direct from Remedy — until then, speculation is sure to continue.

Source: NeoGAF