'Alan Wake' Remastered Mentioned in Survey

Alan Wake HD Remastered Rerelease

Last console generation, a new type of product rose to prominence: remastered versions of older gamers. Titles like the God of War Collection and the remastered editions of Ico and Shaodw of the Colossus retrofitted classic titles with HD graphics, improved framerates, and character models far more detailed than those on previous platforms.

During the PS4 and Xbox One era, this trend continues. Recently, Sony announced that God of War III Remastered will arrive this summer, joining remastered versions of hits like The Last of Us and Grand Theft Auto V.  Last fall, Microsoft got in on the remake game too, with Halo: The Master Chief CollectionDespite Halo: Master Chief Collection‘s multiplayer problems, the game was a hit, appeasing fans who were anxiously awaiting the next Halo title, Halo: Guardians, and making the series available for gamers who didn’t own a Xbox 360.

That looks like it won't be all. Recently, Microsoft sent an Xbox Live survey to gamers, asking if they would be interested in playing a remastered version of Alan Wake on the Xbox One. Specifically, the survey asks players if they would be willing to purchase the rerelease for Xbox One, and if they would recommend it to friends. The survey also questions whether or not a remastered version of Alan Wake would entice players to preorder a copy of Quantum Break, an upcoming third-person shooter Xbox One exclusive.

The original Alan Wake was a psychological-thriller developed by Remedy Entertainment, and went on to sell over 2 million copies. Previously, Remedy indicated that they would not move forward with the Alan Wake franchise until they released Quantum Break, but would return to Alan Wake when the time was right.

Alan Wake 2 Will Come When Time Right

However, remastered games aren't always made by the original developers. By outsourcing the remastered version of Alan Wake to a different studio, Microsoft and Remedy Entertainment would be able to focus on completing production of Quantum Break, as well as a potential Alan Wake sequel. Further, including a remastered version of Alan Wake with copies of Quantum Break could create an incentive for players to preorder Quantum Break, as well as expand Alan Wake's fan base in preparation for Alan Wake 2.

Despite the survey, there is no guarantee that a remastered version of Alan Wake is in development. However, the last time a studio released a survey to gauge reaction, the game was announced within the next month: earlier this year, Harmonix released a survey shortly before announcing the revival of the Rock Band franchise.

Are you interested in a remastered version of Alan Wake? Are you more likely to buy Quantum Break if it includes a rerelease of Alan Wake?

Source: GameSpot

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