Remedy Regains Publishing Rights to Alan Wake

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Ever since its initial release in 2010, things haven't been kind to Alan Wake. Despite receiving praise from both critics and fans, and, apparently, having a lot of support from the developers to continue the titular author's adventures (a sequel was planned and in development for a while), it very much looked like this story had ended, due to issues regarding publishing rights. However, things just might be looking up, as said publishing rights have now reverted back to the original developer, Remedy Entertainment.

Though Remedy have owned the rights to the IP for all these years, it was actually Microsoft that held the publishing rights, meaning the title was an Xbox and PC exclusive. But with Alan Wake now back home with Remedy, this means there's a chance for the title to see a re-release on other consoles, though this might be more difficult than it sounds. After all, the title had to be removed from digital storefronts due to the expiration of rights to certain licensed songs on the soundtrack, so Remedy would have to renew those too, if it hasn't already.

Still, even if a re-release ends up not happening, this also means that the aforementioned cancelled sequel could now actually happen. Of course, it probably won't happen any time soon, as Remedy is devoting all its time at the moment to its next big title, Control (which is due out in August), and there are a few other projects already in the works too. At least, now an Alan Wake sequel is no longer completely impossible.


This wasn't the only good news for the company, as it has now earned royalties for all of its previously published titles, including Alan Wake. The company received a one-time payment of 2.5 million Euros (which is roughly $2.8 million), and it has already stated that it intends to invest the money into making new games.

In the meantime, fans can look forward to the Alan Wake TV show that's still in the works. Admittedly, there's been no new info on the project in almost a year, and it could end up not coming to pass, but it might be just the thing to not only placate fans, but also rejuvenate interest in the brand and make a sequel more profitable for Remedy.

Alan Wake is currently available for Xbox 360 and PC.

Source: VG247

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