'Alan Wake' Coming to the PC in Early 2012

Alan Wake Coming to PC in Early 2012

After seemingly crushing PC gamers’ hopes of ever seeing Alan Wake make its way to their platform, Remedy Entertainment has come out to say they have changed their minds. That’s right, Alan Wake is now going to be releasing for the PC some time in the first quarter of 2012.

Remedy began their news with a brief Skyrim joke, and then bolstered their announcement with a long diatribe about the developer’s close ties to the PC gamer, stretching back to Max Payne 1 and Death Rally -- but ultimately it was about Alan Wake. To give a small taste of the upgraded visuals PC gamers have in store for them, Remedy also released a fairly high-resolution screenshot that showcases Alan Wake in all his polygonal glory.

As an added bonus for PC gamers, Remedy also announced that the two previously released DLC chapters for Alan Wake, The Signal and The Writer, will be packaged in with this release. Each brought with them an evolution of the core light and dark concepts explored in the single player, and even allowed players a chance to re-experience some of the end game mechanics like the word shooting. For what should be an affordable price, if you’ve yet to check out Alan Wake, or were waiting for his PC debut, this is going to be quite the deal.

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Perhaps as a way to generate enthusiasm for the upcoming release of Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, Remedy Entertainment wants to ensure that gamers who never gave Alan Wake a chance will have many ways in which to do so. The title was officially unveiled during the Spike Video Game Awards over the weekend, and our guess is that there might be some gamers who are looking to give the game another chance.

Now not only will you be able to experience Alan Wake’s haunting, serialized journey on the Xbox 360, but pretty soon on the PC.

Are you happy to hear that Alan Wake will be making his way to the PC? Do you think that Alan Wake being on another platform will help generate more enthusiasm for Alan Wake’s American Nightmare?

Alan Wake is targeting a Q1 2012 release for the PC.

Source: Alan Wake Forums

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