Remedy releases both expansion packs for popular horror title Alan Wake for free, with both The Writer and The Signal available for download on Xbox One and Xbox 360.

When it comes to horror games of the last console generation, Alan Wake comes out very near the top. The title, from Max Payne developer Remedy Entertainment, was initially released back in 2010, and has recently found a new lease of life through the Xbox One’s backward compatibility feature. Now, the current-gen Alan Wake journey has become a whole lot more enticing for players, with both of the game’s DLC packs up for free download on both Xbox One and Xbox 360.

The two Alan Wake expansions can be accessed by a download link from the Xbox site, as well as through the Xbox 360 and Xbox One console marketplace. The additional content comes in the form of The Signal and The Writer, with both of which set after the events of the original game. It’s a no-brainer for those that have already got their hands on the title, and will no doubt also prove extremely tempting for those who have yet to play Alan Wake at all.

The main game of Alan Wake itself is still on sale for $20, while the American Nightmare follow-up is being sold at $10. The game made its way to the Xbox One in March after months of rumors, giving a new audience of gamers the chance to try it out.


Remedy, of course, has been extremely busy of late with the release of the highly anticipated Xbox One and PC title Quantum Break. The game has received extremely positive reviews so far, although it is still far too early to tell as to whether it will have had the impact that Remedy wanted – after all, after a prolonged development cycle that included multiple delays, much was expected of the game when it finally saw release.

Now that Quantum Break has finally launched, however, Remedy may be able to turn its collective attention to other projects. One of those rumoured to be on the cards is a new-generation sequel to Alan Wake itself, with the developer suggesting many times that it would like to work on a follow-up to the acclaimed horror title. Whether this happens, of course, remains to be seen, although hopefully news will be revealed when Remedy is willing to give it.

Until then, at least players still have the original to turn back to for comfort. With the game now available on Xbox One, and with the DLC free for the time being, now may be the best time to revisit Alan Wake.

Source: GameSpot