'Alan Wake' Returns in Downloadable Form

Alan Wake XBLA Title Confirmed

Mystery novelist Alan Wake is making his return to the video game space in a new title, but it, unfortunately, is not a sequel to last year’s cult hit appropriately titled Alan Wake. As it turns out, this title, which will be detailed in greater depth in the coming days, will be an XBLA-only game that is not a direct sequel to Alan Wake.

There have been a handful of rumors thus far that have suggested a Alan Wake offshoot/sequel is in the works, but this news confirms it. Gamers can expect a small tease of the title, which may or may not be titled Alan Wake: Night Springs, over at Game Informer on Monday with a bigger reveal to occur during the Spike Video Game Awards.

Aside from when more news will appear, we don’t have much more to go on except a post on the game’s official Facebook page which asks gamers if they are ready to become the “Champion of Light.” For those who might not be familiar, Alan Wake implored a unique light and dark mechanic that saw the titular character weakening his darkness-fueled enemies by way of flashlights, flares, and other illuminary means. Add on top of that a uniquely episodic storytelling technique, complete with cliffhanger endings, and gamers who gave Remedy Entertainment’s title a chance were treated to a really great game.

DLC tried to continue the adventure and further developed a few of the mechanics that popped up in the latter parts of the game, but ultimately the whole package went criminally unnoticed. Perhaps, in a more bite-sized form, Alan Wake will be able to find enough of a following to fuel a potential Alan Wake 2.

As was said before, the first screenshot for this Alan Wake XBLA title should appear online this Monday with more information (most likely a trailer) slated to debut during the Spike VGAs on December 10th.

Are you ready for more Alan Wake? How would you like to see Remedy adapt the property to the downloadable space?

Source: Remedy

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