New Trailer for Final 'Alan Wake' DLC 'The Writer'

The release of the upcoming DLC for Alan Wake,  entitled "The Writer" is a date that many fans of the game are no doubt waiting for with bated breath.

While it initially seemed that there would be a third DLC for the game still on the way, we now know that "The Writer" will be the last. So with that in mind, this DLC, or Downloadable Bonus Episode as the folks at Remedy call it, will have to rise to the task of giving players a proper send-off.

Speculation can end, because we now have a look at the next episode with the recently released trailer. It should be noted, the trailer does imply some serious spoilers for those who haven't finished the game or the previous DLC, "The Signal."

You've been officially warned:

So there you have it, the upcoming DLC looks to take the eerie, reality-bending aspects of the retail game to whole new levels of craziness. A brief glimpse is also seen of the improved facial animation that Remedy has cooked up for the extra episodes, but only a playthrough will truly tell.

It also reveals that players will be able to "end the nightmare" once and for all when the DLC arrives on Xbox Live Oct. 12th for 560 Microsoft Points. Hopefully this last episode will provide fans with a proper farewell to game. At least until Alan Wake 2 arrives.

My experience with Alan Wake remains a tainted one. The game, in my opinion, was very different from the title Remedy had promised - and I couldn't help but feel disappointed. Maybe my expectations were too high, considering the amount of hype the game received. There's no question that some people will thoroughly enjoy Alan Wake, and consider it a great game (read our review), but know I am not alone in feeling like it could have delivered more. Maybe I just got my fill from the Twin Peaks-esque online prequels.

Alan Wake Sunset

The trailer seems to embrace the more innovative parts of the story, blurring the lines between the real world and that of Wake's mind. The idea of written words being used to hint at actions that should be taken, or hints is a genius idea (and one of the stronger aspects of the prior DLC offering, "The Signal").

What about you Ranters? Are you prepared to say goodbye to Alan Wake for good? What do you think will happen in "The Writer"?

Alan Wake "The Writer" DLC will be available for purchase through Xbox Live on October 12th.

Source: GameTrailers

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