Alan Wake DLC The Signal Coming In July

By | 6 years ago 

Alan Wake, the action thriller game from Remedy Entertainment, will be getting its first batch of downloadable content in July. The Signal, revealed on the game’s official Facebook page, will be available for download on July 27th on Xbox Live. The DLC will be free to gamers who buy the game new; Microsoft and Remedy will include a “token card” which will be redeemable to access the free content.

The new DLC is said to be a “new perspective on the events of Alan Wake. Remedy’s Oskari Hakkinen had this to say about The Signal:

“We are doing some game add-ons like we’ve announced. These will be standalone episodes that will bridge between season one and hopefully the possibility of doing a season two. Season one – just to be clear – is a full package and you’ll unravel the mystery and reach all your goals. The game add-ons aren’t telling more of the story, so to speak. It’ll give you a different perspective on the things you’ve done on season one and then trying to set you up for the possible things you’re going to do in season two.”

Oskari also mentions that the second season of Alan Wake is “already written”, which makes you think they’re pretty confident that Alan Wake is going to do well.

Everyone picking up Alan Wake? Excited that Remedy will be supplying a healthy amount of DLC post-release?

Alan Wake has released just this night in Europe, and will release on May 18 for North America.

Source: CVG