You can expect the first DLC to come out for Alan Wake, Remedy‘s psychological action thriller, to be something like a “Christmas Special.” We’ve already confirmed that Alan Wake will end in a cliffhanger, but Remedy says the DLC will act as a bridge between the episodes that come on the disc. Remedy’s head of franchise development Oskari Hakkinen talked to Edge Magazine about the structure of the story and how the DLC will work into the game.

“When you get Alan Wake in your hands, you can think of this as season one. We’ll have a satisfactory and conclusive ending, but we’ll leave some doors open: we’ve planned for a bigger story arc.

And we’ve thought of DLC, which will be more of a bridge between season one and season two, should this first part be a success.

You can think of the DLC as a Christmas special, something that will give you a different perspective on the stuff you’ve played in season one.”

Sounds like an A-Story and B-Story structure of gameplay you may remember from Resident Evil 2. My question is will it still take place from Alan’s perspective regarding things he had done that were not playable or from the perspective of something Alan will meet along his journey? It’s probably leaning toward something of the latter and if that’s the case, it seems like it will be a pretty compelling experience. I’m very much looking forward to what Remedy has planned with the franchise.

Alan Wake will cast you out into the darkness on May 18, 2010 exclusively for Xbox 360.

Source: CVG