Following the recent news that upcoming 360 exclusive thriller Alan Wake will have a cliffhanger ending, it comes as no surprise to hear that developer Remedy Entertainment have already begun discussing their plans to support the title post-release.

Remedy has just announced that the TV show-inspired thriller’s story will continue with at least two DLC packs in 2010, but the size and scope of these has yet to be determined. A large factor in how much content Alan Wake will receive is strictly down to how well it is received at release. Matias Myllyrinne, managing director at Remedy Entertainment recently gave an interview with Joystiq in which hinted at his plans for a substantial engagement. He said:

“I think it’ll depend a lot on the audience, but certainly we want to — if we’re successful — we want to do a large ‘Season 2,’ if you will, at some point. Right now, I’m not allowed to say what we’re doing exactly this year. But we’re going to have more than one episode come out this year.”

I personally think that Alan Wake has a lot of potential to become a modern classic, but like a lot of other hyped titles, it also has the potential to be a real disappointment. That being said, the real crime would be a if it was critically well received but ultimately ended up performing poorly at the ever-important NPD figures, as we would probably be cheated out of seeing a conclusion to the Alan Wake story.

Have you got your torch focused on Alan Wake? Would you be interested in continuing the game’s narrative with DLC?

Alan Wake is due to illuminate store shelves on May 18th.

Source: Joystiq