Alan Wake DLC #3 Coming This Year

Everyone's already yearning for more Alan Wake DLC - especially considering the ending of the game was a definitely open to more content.

Managing Director of Remedy, Matias Myllyrinne, confirmed (in an interview with MTV) that Alan Wake's third DLC installment would be "coming later this year".

Speaking about the DLC strategy in general, Myllyrinne said:

"We have a nifty way of moving [the story] forward and materializing that into gameplay and storytelling without going into a mode of weirdness. For a thriller to work you need it to be grounded in reality. Otherwise all bets are off because the rules don't really apply. So we wanted to have it kind of grounded in reality but also to take a more twisted take, because this is an extreme place and position he finds himself in."

Remedy Entertainment has already announced the first DLC, "The Signal", for a July 27th release - free to gamers who bought their copy of Alan Wake new. The second DLC, "The Writer", is also en route (but has not yet received a release date).

Microsoft hasn't officially confirmed any further DLC for Alan Wake (other than the first two). However, since this news has come straight from the horse's mouth, there's no reason to think there won't be more Alan Wake content coming out - especially given the game's episodic structure.

I'm glad Remedy is going to be continually churning out content, it's nice to see this kind of dedication for a project so soon out of the gate.

What are you hoping to see in future Alan Wake content? Think you'll pick it up?

Source: MTV

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