Alan Wake Being Removed from Digital Stores Soon


Gaming fans who have been meaning to check out Alan Wake, but have yet to do so had better act fast, because its developer Remedy Entertainment has officially announced that the psychological horror action-adventure game is set to be removed from all digital storefronts on both Xbox and PC platforms on May 15, 2017, giving fans the rest of the weekend to purchase it. According to Remedy, the reason for the title's removal from digital marketplaces is due to the expiration of the developer’s rights to the licensed music that makes up part of the game's soundtrack.

Although this is temporarily the end of the availability of digital copies for Alan Wake, Remedy Entertainment seems to be taking the situation in stride, as it is is running an incredibly generous 90 percent off sale on Steam starting May 13, 2017 at 10:00 AM PST / 1:00 PM EST. Of course, while the game will be pulled for sale from Valve's digital distribution service, those who already own a copy will still have the title available in their Steam library to re-download as they wish.


Concerned Alan Wake fans have messaged Remedy Entertainment on Twitter to see if there's any way for the developer to alter the game file to excise certain soundtrack segments in conflict with the license expiration, but the company has commented to say that a plethora of different engineering and resource issues wouldn't allow for the music's removal. As of now, Remedy is in discussions to try and renew the licenses, so hopefully for both the developer and fans' sakes, it will be able to rectify the situation soon.

Alan Wake is available now for Xbox 360 and PC.

Source: Remedy Entertainment – Twitter

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