Alan Wake Dev's Next Game Will Be New IP

For the past six months, Alan Wake developer Remedy Entertainment has slowly revealed new information about its next game, but the most substantial piece of news so far came out today. As part of a 20 year agreement, 505 Games will be publishing Remedy Entertainment's next title, which we now know will be a brand new IP for PC, PS4, and Xbox One currently known by the codename Project 7.

Project 7 will be similar to Remedy's other games in that it will be a third-person action game with a cinematic bent. Specific plot details are unavailable at this time, but Remedy claims that the game will have an "intriguing story" set in a new "Remedy-created universe," perhaps hinting that Project 7 will be created with sequels or expansions in mind to further flesh out the game world.

As for gameplay, Remedy hasn't revealed much beyond Project 7's genre, though one has to imagine that it will likely be a shooter like Max Payne and Quantum Break. Speculation aside, Remedy has doubled down on its claim that its next game will have better gameplay mechanics, promising that the mechanics in Project 7 are the deepest its created yet. Project 7 will also be designed to offer "a long-lasting experience," which could mean that it will be developed with replayability in mind.

The final piece of information Remedy revealed about Project 7 today is that the new IP will use the Northlight technology that powered Quantum Break. The Northlight tech was used to give Quantum Break its highly cinematic presentation, so it's likely that Project 7, like Remedy's past games, will have a large focus on story.

And while it hasn't been explicitly mentioned by Remedy, there's also a distinct possibility that Project 7 will have multiplayer gameplay in some form. After all, Remedy said last year that it would start focusing on multiplayer and co-op games that retain the storytelling elements it's known for, and Project 7 could very well bring that vision to life.

A full reveal of Project 7 is unlikely to come any time soon, but fans should keep their eyes out for any additional details that Remedy lets slip about its mysterious new game.

Project 7 is in development for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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