Alan Wake Collector’s Edition Illuminated, PC Scrapped

By | 7 years ago 

Following yesterday’s hot new trailer for upcoming psychological-thriller Alan Wake, developer Remedy has revealed that a Limited Collector’s Edition of the game will be available. The LCE is designed to resemble a hardback book and will come “hardbound in quality linen.” Classy.

The LCE is listed for $80 on the Walmart and Best Buy websites, and is set to include:

  • Game Disc in box with unique art
  • Exclusive In-Game Audio Commentary and Hints by Remedy
  • “The Alan Wake Files” — a 144-page book that includes a short story written by Alan Wake and compiles the FBI dossiers investigating the events in Bright Falls, WA
  • Exclusive Audio Disc with Soundtrack and Score
  • Game Add-on token redeemable on Xbox LIVE for the first Alan Wake add-on content pack
  • Exclusive Xbox disc with special content: Alan Wake Xbox Live Theme and Alan Wake avatar for Xbox Live

alan wake collectors edition

Also revealed was that those who pre-order the title will also receive the Bright Falls Bonus Pack, which includes exclusive content like avatar gear, an Xbox Live theme, and a “making of Alan Wake” video.

Sadly, in other Alan Wake news – Microsoft announced that the PC version of the game has been officially canned. The PC version was due for release shortly after the console release, but rumors of its cancellation have been circulating for a few months as updates on its progress disappeared completely.

A spokesperson for Microsoft said:

Some games are more suited for the intimacy of the PC, and others are best played from the couch in front of a larger TV screen. We ultimately realised that the most compelling way to experience Alan Wake was on the Xbox 360 platform, so we focused on making it an Xbox 360 exclusive.

I’m a sucker for collector’s editions of DVD’s and games so I’ve just pre-ordered myself a copy of this bad boy. I’m really loving the book design. If Remedy can deliver on the gameplay mechanics it has been touting for so long, I think the LCE of Alan Wake will have a proud spot on my shelf for years to come. As for the PC cancellation, I’m a little skeptical about the reasoning. I’m sure that there are plenty of PC owners who would argue that they have a screen big enough for any game. I cannot help but think this game would look extra-specially gorgeous on a high-end PC.

Does the LCE interest you? Were you planning on picking this up for the PC? If so, what do you make of Microsoft’s reasoning behind the cancellation?

Alan Wake is due for release on May 18th (NA) and May 21st (EU) on Xbox 360.

Source: CVG & Official Alan Wake Forum