Spike VGAs 2011: 'Alan Wake: American Nightmare' Trailer

Alan Wake American Nightmare VGA 2011 Trailer

Details have been mega sparse for the new Alan Wake for XBLA. Remedy Entertainment has been very tightlipped about the whole thing outside of confirming that it's definitely not Alan Wake 2, but if the small clip that has been released is to believed, the game doesn't appear to be changing that much -- it isn't a proper sequel after all.

The proper name hasn't even been officially disclosed, but some have taken to calling it Alan Wake Night Springs due to the story supposedly focusing strongly on the fictional TV show. Now (finally) at the 2011 Spike Video Game Awards, gamers around the world are presented with the unveil trailer and some much anticipated details on the next game in the Alan Wake universe: Alan Wake: American Nightmare.

The battle between light and darkness rages on with Alan Wake at the forefront. The writer-creator is back for another round against the forces of his own mind. Ready for the one-two punch of flashlight and firearm? Say hello to Mr. Scratch.


Are you game for new Alan Wake content through downloadable episodes on XBLA or were you hoping for a full-fledged sequel with Alan Wake 2?

Alan Wake's American Nightmare Official Title

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Alan Wake: American Nightmare is currently in development for Xbox 360 Live Arcade.

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