Two New Gameplay Vids for 'Alan Wake's American Nightmare'

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A pair of new videos have been released for Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, offering the first gameplay footage released since the game's announcement at the Spike VGAs, shedding some light on the soon to be released sequel that isn't really a sequel.

The first video is an extensive interview and stage demo from this week's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) with Remedy’s franchise development head, Oskari Hakkinen, playing tour guide and filling viewers in on what they can expect from the XBLA title. According to Mr. Hakkinen, the story of Alan Wake's American Nightmare will last around six hours, not including the side missions and optional story content, such as the return of manuscript collecting. He confirms that the tech has had a noticeable overhaul, updating the visuals and deepening the color palate. The environment has even become more destructible, allowing for more scares from your surroundings.

The story takes place after the original game and places Alan in a full-blown episode of The Twili — er, Night Springs. According to Hakkinen, Wake wrote a couple episodes of Night Springs early in his career. As we all know, everything Alan writes comes back to try and murder him sooner or later -- talk about tortured writers. Mix in Mr. Scratch (or Nega Alan) and you have an adventure worthy of the name American Nightmare.

Hakkinen assures players that this is a stand-alone experience so gamers who haven’t even touched the original can still enjoy the game. On top of the single players campaign, Remedy will include their own version of Horde Mode called Fight Till Dawn, where waves of enemies attack the player and you must attempt to survive until dawn (about 10 minutes). For those who want to see what we thought of the original game, check out our Alan Wake review.

The second video is seven minutes of nothing but in-game footage with some voiceover walkthrough from Hakkinen. There are some pretty heavy spoilers in this one so if you plan on going in fresh, avoid at all costs.

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare will release as a part of the XBLA House Party promotion next month.


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