Could 'Alan Wake 2' Be On The Way?

Alan Wake Job Listing

When the Xbox 360 was first announced in 2005, gamers bore witness to some amazing displays of technology. One of the games that piqued the interest of more than a few people was Alan Wake. Promising a large focus on story and a creepy atmosphere, gamers waited in anticipation. The wait though, took a bit longer than most would have expected.

After seemingly dropping off the face of the gaming world, Alan Wake reappeared a few years later, releasing in 2010. While the long wait may have driven some gamers away, that didn't stop the game from taking home the Game Rant 2010 Video Game Award for Best Story. Even after release, developer Remedy Entertainment kept the game's narrative from getting stale with the release of multiple chapters of DLC, including The Writer and The Signal.

Following the game's success, the release of a sequel seems like the only logical move for Remedy Entertainment, and it appears as if an announcement could be on its way in the future. Last year, Remedy put out a notice that they were hiring for the position of "senior producer" for a new "AAA" title. While nothing has come of this, aside from talk of Alan Wake 2's plot and the news that the sequel is going to be "very weird," there has yet to be any sort of official announcement regarding a sequel so far.

This announcement could be coming closer though, as a new listing on Gamasutra mirrors the earlier job posting, but this time is looking for a "senior level designer." While this job listing could be for anything, there is still the strong possibility that the team is hard at work on a sequel to 2010's hit. There's no doubt that this would be great news for gamers who have been waiting in anticipation. With games focusing less and less on creating a living, breathing world and crafting a strong narrative to draw gamers in, a return to Bright Falls would be just what the industry needs.

Would you like to see a sequel to Alan Wake? What kind of changes do you want to see the developers make?

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Source: Gamasutra

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