'Alan Wake's Night Springs' Teaser Trailer

Alan Wake 2 Teaser Trailer

Remedy Entertainment continues to parcel out the barest morsels of new information on the upcoming, downloadable Alan Wake sequel. The company's minimalist approach to building hype for the game reaches new heights in a spot promoting Spike TV's Video Game Awards, at which Alan Wake 2 (possibly titled Alan Wake's Night Springs) will be more fully revealed. Just how complete the reveal will be remains a mystery, one exacerbated by this clip that really puts the "teaser" in "teaser trailer."

It might be better to think of the new teaser trailer as more of an animated update of the previously released Alan Wake screenshot than as a truly new look at the game. Seriously, we're talking about sixteen seconds worth of footage here. But any Alan Wake is better than no Alan Wake, right? Take a look at the teaser trailer below.

Yep, that was Alan Wake alright. So now the wait begins for December 10 and the game's unveiling on the Spike VGAs. But until then...

Much scrutiny has been applied to Mr. Wake's appearance in the lone screenshot released so far, and what the nail-gun might mean for our favorite novelist. Equally interesting is the setting for the new game.

The original Alan Wake, though developed by Remedy Entertainment in Finland, managed to create an unerringly believable facsimile of small port towns in the Pacific Northwest (at least to the eyes of this lifelong resident of the region). The surrounding forest in the game could be oppressively terrifying.

In the new screenshot and trailer, Alan is on the edge of the desert, and even dimly glimpsed, the landscape strongly resembles the hilly desert that dominates much of the Pacific Northwest's interior. How will this new, necessarily sparser environment lend itself to the kind of surreal, claustrophobic horror that was the original game's stock in trade? What do you think?

Alan Wake is currently in development for Xbox 360.


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Source: Spike TV

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