Rumors have been flying for quite some time now that Alan Wake 2 is currently in development, and it looks like one more piece of evidence has come out of the woodwork. The latest set of job positions open at Remedy Entertainment all mention a “AAA console project,” and immediately the speculation points towards an Alan Wake sequel.

Remedy has been quiet for quite some time as to what their next project could be, and with Alan Wake‘s very open ending, many are hopeful that this console project could be the next entry in the Alan Wake series. What’s even more interesting is that in the job description for a 3D graphics programmer position, it is stated that the job will allow one to use the same technology that was used when rendering Alan Wake, while also mentioning  PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii development, as well as mobile platforms such as iOS and Android.

If Remedy’s next project is Alan Wake 2, it is highly likely that it could be a multiplatform title. While the first title was published by Microsoft, they do not own the Alan Wake IP. It is possible that the rumored sequel could see a release on multiple platforms, with a tie-in for those who have not played the original, similar to the digital comic for Mass Effect 2.

Rumblings of a possible Alan Wake sequel first began to surface back in April, when an opening appeared at Remedy for a “senior level designer.” A month later, a job resume appeared that cited work on Alan Wake 2. A day after that, Remedy confirmed that more Alan Wake is on the way, though not in the form of DLC or a sequel. The supposed next entry in the franchise was said to be something that both fans of the original would enjoy as well as something that would help newcomers into the series. Rumors then began to fly that a PS3 version may be in development. With E3 2011 just a month away, many had hoped for an announcement in the coming weeks, though the title was absent from the show.

Since June, Alan Wake 2 rumors have died down a bit. Many thought that Remedy was working on a downloadable title set in the game’s universe called “Night Springs.” though no news has been given on that project. Since Alan Wake, the only title that Remedy has released was Death Rally for iOS. They also cannot be working on a new Max Payne title, as that is currently being handled by Rockstar – although Remedy is acting as a consultant of sorts to Rockstar Games on Max Payne 3 to ensure its authenticity.

While many are hopeful for an Alan Wake 2 announcement there is one huge roadblock: Alan Wake‘s lackluster sales. While Alan Wake was no doubt a critical darling (as detailed in our Alan Wake review) it under performed in the sales department, with many citing the game’s simultaneous release date with Red Dead Redemption as the main factor.

Do you think Alan Wake 2 could be in development or is it more likely that Remedy is working on something entirely different for all of the platforms?

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Source: Eurogamer