Aion's Free Expansion Assault On Balaurea Arrives September 7

Aion: The Tower of Eternity - Logo

Here's a quick summary of what will be included in the expansion:

"In Aion: Assault on Balaurea, the exciting new chapter of Aion, characters have the ability to align together to launch massive counter assaults against the invading Balaur on their homeland while experiencing new and updated instances and zones, an increased level cap, new weapons and items, new skills and added flight mechanics. Characters will not be alone as they explore the new areas, as Aion introduces functional pets equipped with in-game benefits."

It's nice to that Aion is still providing quality content, especially considering their upcoming server merges. Luckily Aion is particularly successful in Asia, so North American players can continues to expect great new content, even though the game has lower than expected subscription rates. Hopefully the free expansion will help revitalize the game.

Aion has always been an MMO I've wanted to play, but never had the time to try. I briefly partook in the game's closed beta and had a great deal of fun once I gained the ability to fly. I've also heard that the game's PvP is fun as well. I wish I had enough time for most MMOs I don't have the chance to play though, so perhaps I'm exaggerating.

Are any of you Aion fans, Ranters? How do you feel about the new Assault On Balaurea expansion? Any other MMO fans interested in trying to game out?

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