Agents of Mayhem Trailer Showcases Franchise Force

agents of mayhem trailer

Whether it's the destructible environments of Red Faction or the all-out freedom of the Saints Row series, Volition has a knack to bringing mayhem into gaming. As the name suggests, Agents of Mayhem looks set to continue this trend, and interested gamers now have another trailer for the title that showcases the so-called Franchise Force of characters.

The trailer in question shows off three of the twelve characters in Agent of Mayhem, namely Hollywood, Hardtack, and Fortune. Splicing together moments of cartoonish animation alongside more traditional video game trailer moments, the trailer itself gives would-be players a brief glimpse as what they can expect from the trio when the game launches in August.

The trailer starts off by sharing more about Hollywood, the supposed 'Face of Mayhem' who appears to be the driving factor behind the Franchise Force. Mixing together flamboyant moments with lethal and liberal assault rifle use, Hollywood seems to be a good fit for an all-round character. Those interested in seeing more can check out the trailer below.

However, the other two characters shown off in the trailer also look set to more than hold their own. Next up is Fortune, whose acrobatic moves, dual pistol use, and ability to call on a drone certainly seem like useful character traits in the game. Rounding out the Franchise Force is Hardtack, a heavy hitter using powerful shotgun blasts to take down all comers.

So far, Agents of Mayhem seems to be shaping up nicely. Hands-on previews of the title suggest that it is bringing back the fun of Saints Row alongside the use of its setting, albeit in a way that takes Volition in a different direction than before. Hopefully, the end result will prove to live up to the expectations set.

If Agents of Mayhem does prove to be a smash, then unfortunately Nintendo fans will not be getting in on the action. Volition has confirmed that it currently has no plans for a Switch release, meaning that users of Nintendo's new console will have to go somewhere else for their over-the-top action.

Agents of Mayhem is due to be released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on 15 August 2017.

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