Agents of Mayhem 'Ride for Mayhem' Trailer Released

agents of mayhem trailer

Volition has offered up a new trailer for its new game set in the Saint's Row universe, Agents of Mayhem. This clip focuses on the title's vehicular action, which has been completely overhauled from the mechanics in place as of Saint's Row 4.

As the protagonists of the Saint's Row franchise became more and more super-powered, the idea of driving around the city in a car became less and less relevant. The cast of Agents of Mayhem have all kinds of traversal abilities at their disposal, so the development team decided that the game's vehicular mechanics needed to be extra satisfying in order to stand out.

Agents of Mayhem features missions that are built around driving, but players will likely want to grab a car even when it's not explicitly required. Between power slides and big air, there's plenty of fun to be had while the agents are at the wheel.

Agents of Mayhem has a lot of personality, which has been showcased at length, but Volition's comic sensibilities are tempered with some rock-solid gameplay mechanics. Game Rant went hands-on with the game earlier this year, and it's shaping up to be a very enjoyable open-world experience.

As with other trailers released in support of the game, the end of this clip features a tease for the next reveal, in this case a previously unseen character. Agents of Mayhem features a truly diverse cast, and the distinct personalities in play demonstrate Volition's knack for genuinely funny writing.

Agents of Mayhem is set to launch before the end of the summer, and it looks poised to take many gamers by surprise. It's been four years since the last mainline Saint's Row game, and we haven't seen many lighthearted open world action titles since. Volition's brand new project could fill that gap for many fans of the series.

Agents of Mayhem will launch for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on August 15, 2017.

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