Although developer Volition won’t be releasing another Saints Row just yet, the studio does have a more character-driven title on the way with Agents of Mayhem, and the company has decided to unveil a fresh trio of personalities for the game called “The Bombshells” by putting out a new trailer. According to Volition, “When circumstances are at their most dire, when the pressure is at its absolute utmost, when the only solution is to send in the big guns, call in the Bombshells.”

As seen below in the introductory trailer for the Bombshells, Agents of Mayhem fans can get to know the likes of the group’s members Joule, Rama, and Redcard, with the clip highlighting their personalities, combat skills, and special abilities. Joule is described as a woman of “high fashion” who also happens to be a robotic engineering genius able to deploy deadly turrets, while Rama is an archer armed with a bow, arrows, and a Deadshot ability that becomes more accurate as she charges up her shots, and Redcard is a “futball-obsessed lunatic” with a Hooligan weapon to pierce enemies’ skin who also has the ability to clear crowds with a close-range charge attack.

Interestingly enough, all of the aforementioned characters’ abilities are not only deadly on their own, but also they pair well with one another. For instance, Joule can use her Master Programmer skill to assist Rama’s shield destroying shots to deal bonus damage, while Redcard can dive into the action headfirst to clear out any enemies remaining from the Bombshells’ onslaught of bullets and arrows.

Of course, Agents of Mayhem won’t solely feature the Bombshells as playable characters, as Volition has previously unveiled a slew of MAYHEM Agents for fans to control. As it so happens, the developer has already confirmed that Saints Row‘s Johnny Gat will even be added to the open world title through DLC as the 13th Agent in the game, as he’s now working as a Lieutenant in the in-game city’s police department.

All things considered, it looks as if Agents of Mayhem is shaping up quite nicely as it gets closer to the launch date of the open world title, with Volition adding lots of unique characters to make the third-person action as dynamic as possible. Naturally, some may want even more details regarding the release’s gameplay before committing to a purchase, so fans can get even more information about what’s to come with Game Rant’s own hands-on impressions for Agents of Mayhem.

Agents of Mayhem is set to release on August 15, 2017 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.