Age of Conan Giving Double XP

Funcom has either hit the top of Mount Desperation or their previous attempt at luring you back actually worked.  Funcom wants you back in the world of Conan, and it seems like they are trying everything to make it happen.  As their latest incentive, they have started to award all who give Age of Conan another chance two free weeks of play and double experience during that time period.

If you resubscribe, you can get things like access to the beta of their new massively multiplayer game: The Secret World.  You can also get an item that further boosts your experience gain by 10%.  According to WarCry, these are the "rewards" for subscribing:

  • Subscribing for 1 month gives 7 days extra game time for no additional cost
  • Subscribing for 3 months also guarantees a spot in open beta for The Secret World + Previous reward(s)
  • Subscribing for 6 months also gives a level 40 helmet with a 10% XP modifier + Previous reward(s)
  • Subscribing for 12 months also gives a free copy of the Rise of the Godslayer expansion + Previous reward(s)

It feels a tad worrisome that we also just reported here at Game Rant that Age of Conan slashed its monthly subscription fee as well.  They state they have made significant improvements and changes since the fall of the Conan MMO about 3 months into the game when mass exodus happened.  The game originally had problems because it lacked any type of quests for a lot of the levels.  They more or less forced you to do these repeatable villa quests between 4 houses to level up.  I guess you could just grind as well if you had the patience but if you're paying to play a game in addition to the original purchase price, that's not good value.

Well, supposedly that issue is fixed now and the crafting is said to be much better (it was pretty poor at release).  There are  also new dungeons and the higher-level ones actually work now as well.  Graphics are now more low-end system friendly and they have changed PvP around to make it more fun and more desirable for players.  There still seems like there are plenty of balance issues however, but that's something you'll find on just about every MMO that is still in operation.

Are you going to give Age of Conan another try? Hit back in the comment section and let us know!

Source: WarCry

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