'Afterfall: Insanity' Hopes To Change The Game

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Developer Nicolas Intoxicate and publisher Nicolas Games (NEG) are breaking all of the rules and challenging game industry stereotypes. They are a group of indie revolutionaries who are hoping to change the way gamers play. At first glance however, you might think them quite mad.

For one, they are releasing their first game Afterfall: Insanity in November during the holiday season, pitting them against an overabundance of high profile games. This didn’t detour the fledgling company though, and they came up with a unique and inspiring plan.

Sick of how expensive games and downloadable content has gotten, they are allowing gamers to pre-order for only $1, which will also garner the game soundtrack as a special gift. If NEG get 10 million pre-orders then the game will cost only the dollar used to pre-order and 50% of the money gets donated to charity. Now, if they do not reach 10 million pre-orders then all of the money collected thus far is donated and Afterfall: Insanity will be sold for $33.90, but you still get the game soundtrack.

Most can agree the whole thing is totally nuts, but their spirit and ambition is inspirational and, let’s face it, kind of awesome. Their video sheds some light for gamers about why they have undertaken such a wild challenge.


The game itself is nothing to sneeze at either. It’s on par with most current gen games visually and their most recent trailer sets the stage for an epic world that begs for exploration. The grand scheme is the whole post-apocalyptic world idea - granted, not exactly unique these days. What is different is that it takes place in an alternate universe, the Afterfall universe - an alternate version of our history since the second World War in the year 2035.


There isn’t much time left until the release of Afterfall: Insanity so check out the video, immerse yourself in some of the trailers on their homepage and maybe throw a dollar the way of some indie visionaries who are willing to take risks for the benefit of people like themselves — real gamers.

Pre-order Afterfall: Insanity here.

Afterfall: Insanity is dropping on OnLive and PC on November 252011.

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