AEW Video Game Teased by The Young Bucks

aew video game teased by the young bucks

All Elite Wrestling is a company filled with video game fans. The wrestling promotion hasn't been able to help itself from referencing video games at every show it's done so far, with the latest seeing The Dark Order reference Mortal Kombat through their signature moves. Considering this, it may not come as a surprise that an AEW video game is in the works, with confirmation coming straight from Matt and Nick Jackson, aka The Young Bucks, themselves.

AEW executives and premiere tag team wrestlers The Young Bucks were recently interviewed by Chris Van Vliet. Near the end of the lengthy interview, Van Vliet asks The Young Bucks if there is any talk of making an AEW video game. The Young Bucks then confirm that an AEW video game is being discussed, but they are quickly told not to talk about it by someone off-screen. This seems to suggest that an AEW video game could be past the "talk" stage and more concrete plans could already be in the works.

Professional wrestling and video games have had a close relationship for decades, with some kids undoubtedly introduced to the sport through gaming. Some past professional wrestling video games have even earned a great deal of critical-acclaim, including numerous SmackDown-branded titles from the PS2 era, as well as the classic Nintendo 64 game WWF No Mercy. If AEW is able to pull off a high quality video game, it could potentially grow its fan base even further.

We have no idea what form an AEW video game could take, but it would be interesting to see it mimic the style of the Nintendo 64-era games like the aforementioned WWF No Mercy. It would be a bit disappointing to see a clone of the more recent WWE titles, but then again, the modern graphics could draw more people in to playing the game. For those curious as to what a modern-style AEW video game may look like, a fan created an AEW video game concept that could offer a pretty good idea of what to expect.

As for when we may learn more about the official AEW video game, that remains to be seen. AEW has its plate full right now, with its huge All Out pay-per-view set to take place on August 31, and a TV show on TNT starting in the fall. Perhaps we will learn more about AEW's video game ventures some time after the first episode of its TV show airs, whenever that may be.

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