Many readers probably don’t know who or what a Shuggy is, and frankly we aren’t certain either, but one thing we are certain of after watching the trailer is that we want it now. The Adventures of Shuggy is the latest puzzle/platformer developed by Smudged Cat Games and published by Valcon Games, and has just recently landed on the Xbox Live Marketplace as an XBLA title.

The new trailer for The Adventures of Shuggy details some of the story elements that set the game up for it’s many puzzles. Shuggy is a cute little vampiric-looking creature, and he’s just been handed the deed to his Grandmother’s Mansion as part of her will. What he soon learns upon his arrival is that the mansion is crawling with baddies that need to be eliminated before the mansion can become anything even remotely close to habitable.

Players must take Shuggy through 116 different puzzles in the game’s single-player mode, and clear the adorable little guy’s house so that he can move in and make his deceased Grandmother proud.

Check out the latest puzzle-filled trailer for The Adventures of Shuggy right after the jump.

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As the trailer clearly shows off, players will have to use everything from ropes to time travel in order to complete every puzzle in the game. Shuggy seems to be doing something different from other games of the same genre, and that much is blatantly obvious just by watching the trailer.

The game also has 36 local co-op levels that two friends can playthrough, because who doesn’t like sitting down with a friend and tearing through some puzzle-tastic co-op.┬áDon’t worry online gamers, the game also supports one-on-one competitive matches over Xbox Live as well.

The Adventures of Shuggy is currently available on the Xbox Live Marketplace for 800 Microsoft Points ($10).

What did you think of the trailer for Shuggy? Does it seem like a game that might appeal to you?

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