Activision Announces X-Men: Destiny

X-Men Destiny Logo

This weekend kicks off the New York Comic Con and attendees of the convention will get to see first hand the newly announced X-Men: Destiny from Activision and developed by Silicon Knights. The teaser trailer has just been released and you can check it out below.

Attendees of NYCC can stop by Activision's booth #1833 to get a sneak preview of the Activision's next Marvel title on Saturday October 9th. Fans can get more details on this all new original story when they attend the Marvel Games Panel. The story is being written by Mark Carey who is best know for his work on X-Men: Legacy. There is little information on the game at this point and the trailer below doesn't shed any more light on what type of game we'll get to see next fall.

The central theme of X-Men: Legacy seems to focus on the choices we make that set us on our paths in life.  Is it possible that players will have the ability to choose the between good and evil in this title? It also looks like you may get to play as a completely new character in the X-Men universe, a blank slate of a mutant for you to mold into your own image. It's not a new concept, but it will be interesting to see how Silicon Knights integrates this into the world of the X-Men.


Silicon Knights is best known for their Xbox 360 title Too Human, which received less than stellar reviews from critics. The developer also made headlines earlier this year when the Canadian government awarded them 4 million dollars to stimulate job growth. I guess we know now what they did with some of that colorful Canadian money.

While we have no news on what type of game this will be or even what platforms it will be released on, we can be sure there will be some awesome mutant powers to play with.

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X-Men: Destiny is due out next fall.

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