Hot on the heels of the courts ruling in favor of Epic Games in their case with developer Silicon Knights comes an even bigger development in one of the biggest cases in video game history. As many gamers know, ex-Infinity Ward founders Vince West and Frank Zampella have been in a longstanding legal battle with Call of Duty publisher Activision over their presumed wrongful termination among other things.

Recent developments in the case painted the treatment West and Zampella received from Activision in a really poor light, making it seem ever more likely that this trial was in for the long haul. Both parties were even willing to hold off on the case during E3 2012, realizing that this isn’t a case that is likely to be resolved any time soon.

Well, as it turns out, that wasn’t exactly true, as a settlement has been reach by both parties. Unfortunately for gamers who were looking forward to hearing all the gory details involving the case, the settlement is being kept extremely secret, and will probably never be revealed to the public.

There’s no way of knowing whether West and Zampella recouped the royalties they were owed for work on Modern Warfare 2, but we do know that Activision retains the rights to the Call of Duty franchise.

It was going to be a trial for the ages, and like every other storied lawsuit it ended with a whimper not with a bang. Sure, a settlement isn’t unexpected, but as we neared the beginning of the trial more and more juicy details started to be revealed, including the four-game deal Electronic Arts struck with Bungie. Could you imagine what sorts of information might have made its way to the public if the two parties hadn’t settled?

Are you happy or sad to hear that Activision and West/Zampella settled out of court? How much longer before Respawn Entertainment makes an official announcement of their next game?

Source: LA Times