Activision is coming off of the massive success that has been the Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy, so it’s no surprise that the chart-topping remaster – and remasters in general – became a talking point during Activision Blizzard’s Quarter 2 call with investors. Activision Publishing boss Eric Hirshberg was leading the call, and while he didn’t pull out specific numbers, he revealed that Crash Bandicoot exceeded Activision Blizzard’s expectations in such big fashion that the company openly confirmed more remasters will be produced in the future.

This is exciting news for fans who have been long-requesting a Spyro revival, which is one of the PlayStation classics we thought ought to follow Crash’s lead. There’s a veritable mountain of popular titles that haven’t featured any recent releases, and with them comes a hungry consumer base full of nostalgia. Activision Blizzard also talked about the potential ‘rebirth’ of old intellectual properties (touting Skylanders On Mobile as an example), more or less stating that not every series revival may come as a graphical remaster, but some will feature new mechanics.

crash bandicoot n sane trilogy

Here’s some of what Hirshberg had to say at the investor’s call:

So this is a strategy that clearly has our attention, and while there are no new announcements today, I think you can be confident there will be more activity like this in the future with more great IP. The other opportunity beyond remasters is to look at some of our classic IP and ask whether or not it can be reborn on a new platform, like what we’re doing with Skylanders on mobile. Our IP library is an asset that, when done right, can be very powerful.

Activision Blizzard has been quite active with remasters in the last year, with Modern Warfare Remastered making significant waves, Crash Bandicoot exceeding expectations, and StarCraft: Remastered due out on August 14. Given that Hirshberg cited Crash Bandicoot as an example of the company listening to its community and fans, it seems likely that it will now pursue IPs with the loudest fan bases.

While that seems like a clear indicator for Spyro, Activision Blizzard’s plush library of intellectual properties can play host to many revivals and remasters. But like Crash Bandicoot, there is obvious money to be made in a Spyro remaster and Activision would be foolish not to at least flirt with the idea.

We’ll keep you posted when more specific news arrives regarding Activision Blizzard’s upcoming remasters.

Source: ThisGenGaming