With the next-generation of game consoles on the horizon, we are entering exciting times. Now, instead of playfully dancing around talk of next-gen (we’re looking at you Watch_Dogs and Star Wars 1313), developers can approach it head on, blow gamers away with their new tech.

While most would expect an impressive next-gen showing from the likes of Quantic Dream, DICE, and Kojima Production, I don’t think too many gamers expected to see Activision come out swinging. Nevertheless, that’s what they did at their GDC panel today — showcasing their very impressive next-gen engine.

Even though all we have are a few screenshots from the presentation, the detailed facial animations are nonetheless impressive. There’s bound to be some debate over how this engine compares to some of its biggest competitors, but there’s no denying this is next-gen tech.

But of course, it’s not worth talking about these next-gen engine screens without mentioning the Call of Duty franchise. Activision clearly wanted gamers to envision how this new tech will benefit their flagship series, as evidenced by the woman’s military get-up.

We have no clue how a Call of Duty game might look rendered with this new engine, but if the general character models are any indication we’re excited. It’s been almost a decade since Call of Duty received a graphics overhaul — much to the chagrin of fans — so it’s high time they give the modern military shooter a facelift (literally).

Unfortunately, these screenshots and the engine unveiling are more likely a “look what’s coming next year” tease. With the next-gen consoles rumored to hit some time in November, it’s hard to believe Infinity Ward (and whatever other developers are working on the next Call of Duty) is ready to unveil a proper next-gen game. That being said, if they want to compete with the likes of Battlefield 4, the sooner Activision unveils a next-gen COD the better.

So, if nothing else, we have a small peak at what the future holds for Call of Duty franchise. It could be Modern Warfare 4, or it could be Treyarch‘s next game — all we know is it will look pretty.

What do you think of these screens of Activision’s next-gen engine? Does this get you excited for a new Call of Duty?

Source: PlayStation Gang