This may be nothing more than a rumor, but Kotaku is reporting that Activision may have found a new developer for the Call of Duty franchise: Raven Software. Raven has created such games as the X-Men Origins: Wolverine and the upcoming Singularity.

If this is true, then Activision seems to already be filling the void left by Infinity Ward and its developers who have basically all jumped ship since the recent falling out between the publisher and developer. Kotaku went on to say that not only was this rumored, but that Raven Software was putting two big games on hold–another James Bond game and another X-Men game–to begin work immediately on the next Call of Duty game. Pretty specific for something that’s just a rumor, no?

Raven has been a subsidiary of Activision since 1997, so perhaps this is a lazy move on Activision’s part, but all hope is not lost for the next Call of Duty game. Raven was responsible for some better-than-average games like 1994’s Heretic, 2006’s Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, and 2004’s X-Men: Legends. In fact, most of Raven’s games have been pretty solid.

Activision has already claimed that what’s left of Infinity Ward would be working on the next Call of Duty game, so does this mean that Raven is going to help them? Or is Raven going to make yet another Call of Duty game?

Perhaps they’ll be working on one of the new Call of Duty franchises that Activision has purchased domain names for; Call of Duty: Future Warfare? Call of Duty: Space Warfare?

If this pans out then Activision will now have four developers working on Call of Duty going forward with Treyarch and the remnants of Infinity Ward being joined by the newly formed Sledgehammer Games and now Raven Software.

What do you think of this latest development?

Source: Kotaku