Call of Duty Elite Creates Better Gaming Community

Gabe at Penny Arcade has a simple theory. The internet + anonymity = bad people. It’s true. From the time people started gaming online and were able to talk to each other, hostilities were an inevitable experience. It wasn’t enough that the other team won by a higher score, but they also succeeded in both defiling your parents in a graphic way and questioned your sexual orientation more than once.

However, Activision‘s digital vice president, Jamie Berger believes the Call of Duty Elite program will start putting the kibosh on that attitude soon.

Berger was interviewed by Gamasutra and talked about hostilities on the Internet and how, at least in the Call of Duty realm, rage could be stymied because gamers will be part of a community provided by Call of Duty Elite. The beta program just launched and has drawn over 2 million users so far, definitely a great start for the program. The beta isn’t just being used to show Call of Duty fans what’s in store for them, but is also giving Activision a better look into the social dynamics that could be altered by the program.

The things Berger had to say are surprisingly thought-provoking and lend to the kind of forward thinking that should be happening – regarding Internet gaming and creations of communities (as opposed to large social networks):

“One of the most interesting things to me is how positive people are in the service. I’m most excited that within it, people are being supportive; they’re actually talking to each other, and amongst each other.

They’re so happy to actually have a place to be part of a community, not a message board… they’re actually behaving very much like people who just want to be social and have fun, not people who want to flame each other.”

That feeling of community may significantly lessen hostilities. Will it eliminate it outright? Of course not, but seems like Call of Duty Elite is having a pretty good start in creating a more tight-knit group of players who can find each other and play together, as opposed to using matchmaking all the time and run the risk of encountering less-than-savory individuals.

If you’re still not sold on Call of Duty Elite, there’s still plenty to be excited about come November – check out the Tango Down multiplayer trailer for Modern Warfare 3, the extensive list of MW3 perks, or some of the new killstreaks featured.

Modern Warfare 3 releases November 8, 2011 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

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Source: Gamasutra