It seems like common practice that once a property — whether it be video game, movie, or TV — reaches a certain status among the population at large that the companies behind that game start thinking about holding publicly attended events to promote the property.

BlizzCon has enjoyed tremendous success, hyping many of the fantastic titles from Blizzard and giving first-look previews of their upcoming games, so it would make sense that another popular franchise, perhaps the most popular franchise at the moment, Call of Duty, would announce plans for its own event.

Revealed today, Call of Duty XP is a two-day convention that will be held in Los Angeles this September the 2nd and 3rd for fans of the franchise to experience a ton of Call of Duty-related and inspired content. Unfortunately, at $150 a ticket, Call of Duty XP isn’t going to be for everyone, but, based on the amount of activities it promises, it just might be worth it.

Of course the centerpiece for Call of Duty XP will be a chance to check out a ton of content for Modern Warfare 3. On site will be previews of the single player, new spec ops modes, and the global reveal of the title’s multiplayer.

A lot of secrecy has been surrounding Modern Warfare 3’s sure to be bread and butter, especially with added competition from Battlefield 3, so what better place to make the first reveal then your own event. Gamers have been dying to see just what Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games have in store, and they will finally have hopefully all their questions answered come September.

But the reveals don’t stop with Modern Warfare 3, as it has been announced that all elements of Call of Duty Elite, both paid and free, will finally be unveiled to the public. Many questions have been raised since the service’s announcement, and Activision hopes to make their motivations abundantly clear at the event.

Among the other activities that will take place during the convention are panels with developers, a Call of Duty museum, a tournament with a $1 Million prize, and a chance to experience some iconic moments from Call of Duty with paintball. That’s right, Activision will be faithfully recreating the Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer map Scrapyard and letting players battle it out with paint.

Not interested in competitive paintball? Well, Call of Duty XP has you covered with a live walkthrough of the Spec Ops training mission known as ‘The Pit’ using paintballs. Put your virtual skills to the ultimate test with a real-life recreation of a Modern Warfare training exercise.

Though these are just some of the highlights of the event, Activision promising a ton more Call of Duty-inspired details are in store for attendees. Tickets for the event go on sale July 19th with all proceeds being donated to the Call of Duty Endowment — a non-profit organization that helps veterans land safely on their feet after service. It’s a great chance to experience Call of Duty to the nth power, and finally to see what Modern Warfare 3 is all about.

Would you be interested in attending Call of Duty XP 2011? What are your thoughts on fan conventions inspired by video game properties like this?

Source: Call of Duty XP