Achievement Hunter: 10 Of Their Most Hilarious Videos

As a subdivision of one of the oldest entertainment companies on the internet, Achievement Hunter has been making videos by playing video games for over a decade. Originally making video guides, as the name suggests, the channel evolved into comedy from playing video games.

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While channels like that are a dime a dozen on the internet and YouTube these days, nobody brings the personality and comedy the same way the massive Achievement Hunter crew does. While they have a near endless backlog of content to watch, here are a select handful of some of their best.

10 Let's Play - Uno: The Movie

One of the highest-rated "movies" on IMDb, "Uno: The Movie" is a 2 hour and 44 minutes long game of Uno that simply will not end. Jeremy, Geoff, Gavin and Ryan (who swaps out with Jack at one point) fully commit to playing until somebody wins with the settings they put on. The video is wildly long but incredibly worth watching the descent into madness that entails from this aggressively long match of Uno. The more and more frustrated they get playing the game, the funnier the video gets, so grab some popcorn.

9 Let's Play - Destiny 2: Leviathan Raid - The Pleasure Gardens (#1)

Nicknamed "The Salt Raid" this video sees a crew of gamers who are not the most competent at video games try and coordinate to beat a relatively challenging Destiny 2 raid. Alfredo, who was relatively new at the time and actually good at shooters, tried to help drag everyone else through but it quickly devolved into a very aggressive shouting match that is hilarious to watch. There are more parts following this one but it takes no time for everyone to get pissed with each other.

8 Achievement Hunter: The Musical

Originally disguised as "GTA V: Jack Bag 8" this video was the long-awaited musical that came as an extra-life donation stretch-goal. Achievement Hunter uses GTA V as a nice interstitial between a wide variety of musical songs, ranging from country to boy-band pop to rap all making references to a wide variety of their other videos.

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This video isn't the best place to start as a new fan but doesn't require a massively deep knowledge of the channel to enjoy either. It probably won't make it to broadway anytime soon but it's still an enjoyable ride.

7 Let's Play - MLB 2K12 - With Geoff and Gav | Rooster Teeth

One of the oldest Let's Plays for the company, this video sees Geoff try and educate the British Gavin on America's past time. Every single moment of misunderstanding in this video is an absolute treasure and widely hilarious, even if you don't care about baseball or sports video games. Beyond that the video concludes with Geoff laughing so incredibly hard at Gavin that he actually poops his pants, making for a chaotic conclusion to the video.

6 Full Play - State of Decay Part 2 (with Gavin)

While the currently on hiatus series Full Play typically saw Michael play through an entire game by himself, a drunk Gavin joins a drunk Michael to try and keep their survivors alive. These two go absolutely off the rails arguing about random nonsense, like the probability behind flipping several coins in a row. Both sport super thick accents while drunk but still managed to come out with this amazing video. Drunk gameplay videos are always hit or miss but this one is a hit.

5 Let's Play Minecraft: Ep. 142 - Legends of the Hidden Tower

Achievement Hunter has more Minecraft let's plays than some channels have videos so it can be hard to pick out favorites but this one stands out for being a phenomenal mess.

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Lindsay hosts this game inspired the aforementioned Nickelodeon show but continually messes up it amazing ways that make it far funnier than if everything had gone correctly. Every moment of this and the following part 2 are a roller coaster of disaster that really represents Achievement Hunter's style accurately.

4 Rage Quit - Surgeon Simulator 2013 | Rooster Teeth

While nearly every Rage Quit video is an absolute treasure to watch, this one is by far the best because of the special guest star, Gavin. Surgeon Simulator is a finicky and difficult game as it is but adding an additional person who is terrible at it adds an extra dash of frustration that sends Michael completely over the ledge. Michael has a talent for screaming at video games that takes something that could be annoying from another person and makes it one of the funniest things on the planet.

3 Let's Play - Prop Hunt Part 1

The Garry's Mod game mode Prop Hunt is incredibly funny by itself, watching inanimate objects fly around a room trying to not get caught. Adding the hilarious commentary from Achievement Hunter feels like a match made in paradise. At this point, they have a small pile of videos like this one that are all hilarious but it's nice watching this knowing they nailed it right out of the gate. Watching a banana voice by Gavin dart out from under a bed and across the room will always be funny.

2 Let's Play Minecraft - Episode 2 - On a Rail! | Rooster Teeth

There are plenty of reasons to suggest the first Minecraft let's play but the second one has so much more in it. The birthplace of the now staple "tower of pimps" and a chaotic mess of drunk Gavin causing problems for everyone this video really has it all.

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Watching Michael not understand anything and cause a litany of problems while Joel just wanders aimlessly should show anyone unfamiliar with the channel why they have been increasingly successful over the years.

1 Rage Quit - The Impossible Game | Rooster Teeth

One of the first Rage Quit videos on the channel, The Impossible Game is so ridiculous in its difficulty that it would drive anyone up a wall. Michael, with his still thick New Jersey accent at the time, just goes off screaming about the game and its horrible ways. It also shows just how much dedication he put into Rage Quit since the video opens with him on his 4,366th attempt at the level, which is far more than any human should play that game, let alone use to build up rage for a YouTube video.

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